110kv high voltage brake lever/10kv insulated operating rod/35kv connecting rod

OverviewQuick DetailsPlace of Origin: China (Mainland)                                          Brand Name: XINCHENGType

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Place of Origin: China (Mainland)                                          Brand Name: XINCHENG
Type: insulation rod, telescopic or Screw-type coupling        Usage: Insulation Protection
Product name: Fiberglass Insulated Telescopic Operating Rod Hot Stick Link Stick, insulating hot stick
Material: Fiberglass                                                                Application: High Voltage
Rated Voltage: 10KV, 35KV,110KV, 220KV, 330KV. 500KV,750KV,1000KV
Tensile Strength: 10.4Mpa                                                      Size: Customers Request
length: 3-13m, or can be made as per request                       Surface: Smooth and beautiful
Insulation body part: FRP tube                                               Temperature: -25~55
Color:  safety yellow , orange  or Customized.                       Sample: free samples are available
Supply Ability: 100000 Set/Sets per Month                           OEM: Accepted
Standard: IEC 60855 and ASTM F711 standard.                  Quality Control:  ISO 9001 and 6S qualified
Insulated operating pole is a unified term for the composition of insulating tools used in power system. It can be used for live operation, live maintenance and live maintenance. Insulated operating pole high voltage tie brake pole (also known as insulated operating pole, insulated pole, high voltage operating pole, commonly known as multi-purpose Link rod) can be divided into 10 KV, 35 KV, 110 KV, 220 KV, 330 KV, 500 KV ,1000KV according to the voltage level. It is an applicable product developed according to the needs of production, operation and maintenance of power system.
Manufacturing technology of high-pressure operating rod This series of operating rods (also known as Link rod) are made of glass fiber cloth, epoxy resin and 306 resin phthalic anhydride, glass fiber cloth and curing agent, and are extruded by drawing machine, forming at one time. Then it is painted and made into other FRP products with beautiful appearance, light structure, easy operation, mechanical and electrical properties, suitable for use under various high voltage conditions, good insulation performance and safe use. The detection period is one year. Inspection basis of high-voltage operating pole: DL408-91 "Electrical Safety Work Regulations" appearance inspection: smooth insulation surface, no bubbles, wrinkles or cracks; good bonding between glass fiber and resin; hollow pipe end with plugs, strong connection between the knuckles and poles.
Fiberglass hot stick is mainly used for splitting high and low voltage switches, pull-in electric brakes and for live working wire clamps. According to the voltage level, it can be divided into 10KV insulated operating rod, 35KV insulated operating rod, 110KV insulated operating rod, 220KV insulated operating rod, 330KV insulated operating rod, 500KV insulated operating rod, 750KV insulated operating rod, 1000KV insulated operating rod etc.
High-voltage pull brake rod, Link rod, Operating rod, Operating rod, Rain-proof Link rod, Telescopic pull brake rod, FRP insulating rod, Insulating rod, Insulating pull brake rod
Classification of high-pressure operating rods: 10 kV high-pressure operating rod, 35 kV high-pressure operating rod, 110 kV high-pressure operating rod, 220 kV high-pressure operating rod, 500 kV high-pressure operating rod, 3-meter high-pressure operating rod, 4-meter high-pressure operating rod, 5-meter high-pressure operating rod, 6-meter high-pressure operating rod, 7-meter high-pressure operating rod, 8-meter high-pressure operating rod, 9-meter high-pressure operating rod, 10-meter high-pressure operating rod, 11-meter high-pressure operating rod Operating lever, etc. can be customized.
Main technical parameters: 10 kV voltage is suitable for three four-meter-long operating poles, 35 kV voltage is suitable for three four-meter-long operating poles, 110 kV voltage is suitable for four-section 4.5-meter-long operating poles, 220 kV voltage is suitable for four-section 6-meter-long operating poles, 500 kV voltage is suitable for four-section 8-meter-long operating poles, and can also be customized according to user's specifications.
Composition of high-pressure operating rod: Connecting type: FRP epoxy resin rod, branded connecting rod, rivet, etc. Connection rain-proof type: FRP epoxy resin rod, branded connection button, rivet, insulator
Technical Standards for High Pressure Operating Rod: Environmental Conditions for Use of High Pressure Operating Rod (1) Environmental Temperature: -25 ~55 ~2) Relative Temperature: <90% (3) Use Situations: Rainless Weather indoors and outdoors
• Trangle Shape & High Visibility
• Easy Maintenance & reDesign Lock Buttons
• Easy Disassembly & Ergonomic Design
• New Base Cap & More versatile
• Improved Universal Head

1.Material:Light Epoxy Resin 
2.Light weight, only 2.75kg/m 
3.High voltage 
4. high strength 

5.Anti-moisture. Foam filled tube and ventilated bottom design.
6.Anit-slip . Holding part is roughness treated.
7.Convenience and flexible locking system.
8.Absorbing and anti-friction surface.
9.100% electrical performance tested.
10.Offer special design.
11.Fluorescent green tip section is highly visible and has a form core;
12.Several models and lengths available
13.The stick metal head shape can be customized!
Rain proof , Nocturnal overhaul/Night maintenance operation , Interface type brake rod , Telescopic Hv Brake Pull-rod High Voltage Frp Insulation Operating Rod,  Insulator Rain-proof Brake Bar, telescopic pull brake rod, button pull brake rod, gun grounding rod
The insulating rod (Link rod) is made of high quality epoxy FRP pipe with excellent insulation performance and mechanical strength, light weight and moisture-proof treatment. Rain-proof pull brake rod (insulation operating rod) is designed for outdoor rainy days. Rain-proof skirt uses silicone rubber to prevent rain and increase the insulation strength in rainy days. Single rain-proof operating rod; multi-rain-proof operating rod; single rain-proof pull-brake rod; multi-rain-proof pull-brake rod. 2. SA-1 series insulated operating rod (Link rod) has novel structure, advanced and reasonable. (1) The handshake part of the operating pole is bonded with silicone rubber sheath and silicone rubber umbrella skirt, which has good insulation performance and is safe and reliable. (2) The metal joint at the end of the operating rod adopts the embedded structure, which is more firm, safe and reliable. (3) The expansion connection of insulated operating rod is convenient, selective and various, and it can be combined flexibly. For example, SA-A-35/1.2*4 of Link Bar represents 35KV, T-head, 4 segments of insulating rod are 1.2 meters per segment, and threaded connection is used.The index of Link Bar Operator (T-type, L-type, H-type), number of insulating rod nodes (3, 4, 5) and connection mode of insulating rod (A, S) are as follows:Link Bar SA-A-35/1.2*4 represents 35KV, T-type head, Namely: 4 knots and 6 meters. In addition, accept customization.
Fiberglass telescopic link stick
    This telescopic linkstick is suitable for high voltage switch out operating. They are produced from epoxy resin, super light, high voltage, high strength. The length and sections can be made depending on your request.
    The Telescopic linksticks come equipped with a universal spline end and hot stick probe. In addition, the Telescopic Hot Sticks come with the tip lock operational feature standard. The operator can simply lock the end section into second to last section if necessary to obtain maximum flexural/tensile strength from the extended stick to open/close stubborn equipment. Remember when utilizing the tip lock feature the operator will lose approximately 5 foot of extended reach.
 The Telescopic linkstick is the newest generation of fiberglass hotstick to enter the electrical market. The stick has been engineered, so additional fiberglass has been added where the highest strength is required and removed where it is not required. The result is a telescopic stick able to withstand the rigors of line operations and still offer the utmost in lightweight for portablility. The outside surface texture provides a positive gripping surface even in wet conditions. All operating buttons are CNC machined from very high strength and water resistant engineered solid polymer rod to provide maximum mechanical strength.
 All fiberglass hot sticks come equipped with the Blue Stripe patented feature. Simply align the blue stripes and all button and holes automatically match. No wasted time twisting and turning sections to get buttons to lock into place.
The telescopic high voltage link rod has telescopic design of Multisection ,generally up to 6-13 meters long, light weight, small volume, easy to carry, easy to use, can be positioned to any length according to the use space size, effectively overcome the screw type The disadvantage of being inconvenient to use due to the fixed length.
TypeWithstand Voltage(kV)Insulating Length
Total Length
XC-1 type10≥70030003
XC -2 type35≥90045003-4
XC -3 type66≥100045003-4
XC -4 type110≥130050003-4
XC -5type220≥210050003-4
XC -6 type330≥310050004-5
XC -7 type500≥40008000-100005
XC -8 type750≥500010000-140006-7
XC -9 type1000≥70001400007
1.Please check out whether the appearances of the operating lever is smooth and has no scratch, whether 
the hollow tube is blocked up and whether the segments are connected firmly.
 2.Please check out the power-frequency withstand voltage test date. The products must carry out regular 
 tests strictly according to DL408-1991 Working Regulation of Power Safety. If the products' test date is over the 
expiry date, don't uses them after you have test them strictly.
 3.Please check out carefully whether the label of the high voltage brake pull-rod is clear and whether the name 
of the manufacturer, manufacturing date, fitted rated voltage are accurate and complete.
 4.Please pay special attention to moisture proof to ensure the accuracy of  the electrical properties and mechanical properties.

1 How long is your products warranty ?
A: The warranty period of our products is 18 months.
2 How about inspection?
A: We have the whole inspection system from raw material to end products include temperature test, strength test and so on.
3 What do you have for certificate?
A: Our products are passed through IEC60947and IEC60269standarded.
4 What is payment terms?
A: T.T, Western Union and L/C is acceptable.
5 What is the service offered by company?
A: We have the professional engineer team which can design and develop the mold to arrive different customer requirement.
We also have the sales team to offer good service from pre-sale to after-sale.

Our service:
 1.  Our sales representative are 24 hours online, to ensure reply you ASAP.
 2.  When the products are finished, they must be checked by our QC firstly.
 3.  We own several whole production lines, which can not only provide best quality and competitive price, but also reduce production period.
 4.  Urgent Orders can provide overtime production.
 5.  We can support OEM & ODM, and can be customized according to the detailed requirement, Like samples or sketches. 
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: 
suitable packing for export. Economic Packing design which will save your transportation cost.
1.Inside packing: Anti-moisture nylon bag + Carton box + woven belt. 
2.Outside packing: carton box or wooden case and pallet. 
3.According customer requirement.
Port: Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin
Lead Time : 7-15days
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 110kv High Voltage Brake Rod/10kv Insulated Operating Lever/35kv Link Sticks
110kv High Voltage Brake Rod/10kv Insulated Operating Lever/35kv Link Sticks
110kv High Voltage Brake Rod/10kv Insulated Operating Lever/35kv Link Sticks
110kv High Voltage Brake Rod/10kv Insulated Operating Lever/35kv Link Sticks
110kv High Voltage Brake Rod/10kv Insulated Operating Lever/35kv Link Sticks
110kv High Voltage Brake Rod/10kv Insulated Operating Lever/35kv Link Sticks
110kv High Voltage Brake Rod/10kv Insulated Operating Lever/35kv Link Sticks
110kv High Voltage Brake Rod/10kv Insulated Operating Lever/35kv Link Sticks
110kv High Voltage Brake Rod/10kv Insulated Operating Lever/35kv Link Sticks
110kv High Voltage Brake Rod/10kv Insulated Operating Lever/35kv Link Sticks
110kv High Voltage Brake Rod/10kv Insulated Operating Lever/35kv Link Sticks
110kv High Voltage Brake Rod/10kv Insulated Operating Lever/35kv Link Sticks


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